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Tucktools.com develops tools for writers, students, developers, and SEO experts. It is a collection of more than 15+ tools that are completely free and accessible to use. Tucktools embraces Twitter, Instagram, Facebook video downloader, Pinterest and Tiktok hashtag finder, Website Management tools, and other Development tools.

Social Media Tools


  • Twitter Trending Hashtags
  • Twitter Trending People
  • Top Tweeting Cities
  • Fake Tweet Generator

How to use Twitter Hashtag Finder?

You just have to pick the country for which you want the hashtag, and you will get worldwide top 50 hashtags by choosing the world option. When someone taps on the hashtag, they will approach to the page that is loaded with the equivalent hashtags.
Some trending Hashtags are #COVID19, #BlackLivesMatter, #PS5

How to check Twitter Trending People

1. Open Tucktools.com and search for the Twitter Trending People.
2. Then, you will see the worldwide trending people.
3. You can change the country by typing the country name in the search box.
4. Further, you will top 20 trending personalities of your country.

Worldwide Twitter Trending People Right Now

Donald J. Trump - 82 million followers
YouTube - 72.3 million followers
Narendra Modi - 58.3 million followers

Top Tweeting Cities Finder

You can use this tool in order to gain more impressions on your tweets. It is the most flexible way to check out the leading tweeting cities in the country. 
Worldwide Top Tweeting Cities are Turkey, Brazil, United States.

Fake Tweet Generator

1. Find the latest profile picture of the person whom you want to fake.
2. Fill all the details provided there like name, username, etc. these details should be identical.
3. Then, fill retweets and likes count. Although you can also skip this.
4. You just have to click on the download button after making a tweet.


  • IG Video/Photo Downloader
  • IGTV Downloader
  • IG Hashtag Finder

IG Video/Photo Downloader

It is a free online tool to download and save Instagram videos and photos to your device. This tool can download multiple pictures of any public user.
1. Open Instagram and choose the photo you want to download.
2. Copy the URL and then paste it.
3. Then, hit the download button

IGTV Downloader

From here, you can download a video from IGTV in High-Quality MP4 Format for free. IGTV Downloader has the same process as I have mentioned above. Users can use this tool with any device such as Android, Windows, Linux, and IOS.

IG Hashtags Finder

Nowadays, hashtags are very trending on Instagram and all the social media sites. Hashtags assists in advancing your substance reach and also improves SEO Positioning.
Trending Instagram Hashtags are #love, #instagood, #photoofthe day, #fahion

Facebook Video Downloader

1. At first, copy the video link from the Facebook application.
2. Then, paste the URL in the input field and click on the download button.
3. Later, the system will check for an available format.
4. Click on the download button to download the selected video.

Other Tools Provided By Tucktool.com

  • Youtube Trending Videos
  • Pinterest Hashtags Generator
  • Tiktok Hashtag generator
  • Social Media User Checker
  • Whatsapp Group Links Finder
  • Line Stucker Downloader

Website Management Tool

Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa Rank is a standard of website popularity. Alexa rank is approved to employ an exclusive approach that combines a site's assessed traffic and guest commitment in the course of recent months. Installing an Alexa Gadget will not improve your site's position.

Domain Age Checker

It is crucial to check the domain age. The fundamental purpose behind checking it to understand when the area was enrolled and how old it is presently. You can also check the age of your rivals' domain name, which gives you a thought of what you are contending with.
To check the domain age click on this link https://www.tucktools.com/domain-age-checker then enter your website URL and get the result.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is also known as Guest Blogging. It is an act of writing content for another company's website. It helps in building brand creditability and awareness. Guest Blogging is also sounded good for SEO and Link Building.

Other Website Management Tools

Development Tools

XML to JSON Converter

This free online tool by tucktools.com entitles you to convert XML into JSON format.

1. Open Tucktools.com and navigate to XML to JSON Converter 
2. Now, enter the XML code.
3. Then press the Convert button.
4. After that, you will see converted JSON in the output JSON input fields.

CSS Minifier

This online tool allows you to minify CSS or SCSS. It is the easiest way to compress CSS code from huge files. It increases the speed of the website. Minimization can make a script up to 20% smaller, Which results in fast download.

Color Palette Hex

This tool provides lots of trendy color schemes from which you can choose for your projects. It is the mildest and fastest way to find cool color schemes without searching over and over the internet. There is no requirement to install any application or extension. Just click on the color and get free results.

Copy code from here try fascinating color schemes https://www.tucktools.com/color-palette

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